CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education

CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education

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Course Prerequisites

Must have completed the 60-Hour Qualifying Education Course and be currently registered as a CRTP.

  • Create a new profile or log in to Prendo365.com to complete the online course.
  • Internet access to read the online course content and to complete the review questions and all 4 online finals with a grade of 70% or better (works best with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome):

This is a bundled course, so in order to receive your 20-Hours of Continuing Education, you need to pass all four parts with a 70% or better before Latino Tax Professionals will upload any of the awarded hours to CTEC.

Course Description:

This is an intermediate to advanced course which covers topics that raise the bar in tax preparation and that the student will not find anywhere else. This includes our brand-new chapter, “Serving the Immigrant Taxpayer”, which is the largest emerging consumer market in the United States. There are close to 45 million foreign-born individuals in the United States today, and all of them, even the 11 million who are not authorized to work or reside in the country, are potential taxpayers and, thus, potential clients.

Course Objectives:

By completing this course, the student will accomplish the following:

  • Recognize how the policies and procedures in Circular 230 regulate all tax preparers.
  • Realize the potential market in the immigrant workforce for tax preparation.
  • Learn the latest tax law changes.
  • Understand how the business entity type affects the taxpayer’s tax liability.

Book Organization:

Part I, “Ethics and the Circular 230”, covers the moral and ethical issues in making decisions when preparing a tax return. Paid preparers make decisions every day when preparing tax returns, although some may not be the best decisions for the client. The student will earn 2 hours of Ethics after completing the course by passing the online final with a 70% or better.

Part II, “Federal Tax Law”, covers intermediate to advanced federal tax law. This portion of the book covers such topics as “Business Income”, “Offers in Compromise”, and “Serving the Immigrant Taxpayer”. The student will earn 10 hours of federal tax law after completing the course by passing the online final with a 70% or better.

Part III, “California Tax Law”, covers intermediate topics related to state tax law such as how California handles Business Income, Taxpayer Penalties, the differences between federal and Californian tax law, and much more. The student will earn 5 hours of California Tax Law after completing the course by passing the online final with a 70% or better.

Part IV, “Updates”, covers the latest updates to the federal tax law. The digital version of the textbook accessible in the learning path will be updated frequently throughout the year to make sure it always contains the most recent information. The physical copy of the book will also be updated periodically, but it will not be updated as frequently, as consistently, or as quickly as the online version, so be sure to pay attention to the course notifications on Prendo365.com to make sure you never miss an update. The student will earn 3 hours of Updates after completing the course by passing the online final with a 70% or better.

Your course is not completed until your hours have been reported to CTEC!

This course expires January 15, 2021.