Bilingual Introductory Course

Bilingual Introductory Course

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The Introductory Course covers short forms, Form 1040. This course typically takes about 2 weeks to complete.

You will learn…

  • How to determine the taxpayers filing status
  • Which form to use
  • What credits the taxpayer could qualify for and how to determine who is a qualifying dependent for the taxpayer.

Please note, a completed course means that you have passed all the quizzes, passed the final exam, and completed the survey.

Course Details

Included in this course

Title: 2022 Introductory Tax Course
Level: Beginner
Delivery Method: Self-study

To earn certificate of completion:

• Pass Final with 70% (or better)

• Pass all Quizzes
• Complete course survey

• Part 1: Ethics

• Part 2: Federal Tax Law
• Quizzes 
• Videos
• Practice Tax Return
• Final Exam